Version 1.1.0 - Controller support and more!!

I'm excited to announce that the first update for PANIC ROOM is here!! The biggest addition is controller support, which I think is fairly self-explanatory, but there are some rebalances, quality-of-life changes, and bug fixes in there too. Enjoy!


  • Added gamepad support
  • Difficulty level 1 is now about 18 seconds shorter
  • Difficulty level 1 now spawns 2 coins instead of 1
  • Settings are now saved between launches of the game (i.e. your settings will no longer be reset if you close and reopen the game)
  • You can now press Escape (or B on controllers) to back out of menus
  • Zardium has been added to the credits as a playtester
  • The secret room is now slightly easier to find
  • Fixed fireballs' eyes not moving with screenshake (as funny as that was)
  • Fixed the screen dimming effect not resetting on room transitions (no more accidental hard mode)
  • Fixed a way to go out of bounds in a certain room
  • Fixed a crash when restarting right before a certain room transition


PANIC ROOM v1.1.0.exe 20 MB
Aug 03, 2019
PANIC ROOM Demo v1.1.0.exe 11 MB
Aug 03, 2019


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